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 His master replied, well done my good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!" Matthew 25:23

Church Office: 740-332-4761
Fax:                   740-332-6741

Steve Hayes

Angelique Bowe

Recording Secretary & Asst.
Carolyn Wharton 1Yr./Recording Sec.
Jessica Delong 1Yr./Asst.

Financial Secretary & Asst.
Shirley Litman 1Yr./Financial Sec.*
Monica Delong 1Yr./Asst.

Board of Trustees
Dave Griffith 2 Yr./ Chairman
Terry Allen 2 Yr./V. Chairman
RayGene McJunkin1 Yr./Secretary
Duane Rife 2 Yr
Jerry Wiggins 2 Yr.
Dan Wharton 1 Yr.
Rich Litman 1 Yr.

Board of C.E.
Scott Justice 1 Yr./ Chairman
Debbie Dumm 2 Yr/ V.Chairman
Jessie Fee 1 Yr./ Secretary
Kathy Hayes 2 Yr.
Vicky Chestnut 2 Yr.
Steve Stone 2 Yr.
Roy Fee 1 Yr.

Pulpit Committee
RayGene McJunkin2 Yr./Chairman
Rich Litman 1 Yr./V.Chairman
Carolyn Wharton 1 Yr./ Secretary
Duane Rife 2 Yr.
Roy Fee 2 Yr.
Scott Justice 2 Yr.
Dave Griffith 1 Yr.

Finance Committee
Rich Litman 1 Yr./ Chairman
Carolyn Wharton 2 Yr./ V. Chairman
Sherry Short 2 Yr./ Secretary
Peggy Allen 2 Yr.
Janet Archer 1 Yr.
Jessie Fee 1 Yr.
Nancy Rife 1 Yr.
Secretary (By virtue of office)

Program Planning
Kim Marr 1 Yr/ Chairman
Vicki Stone 1 Yr/ V.Chairman
Kay Covell 2 Yr/ Secretary
Debbie Dumm 2 Yr.
Kim Stinard 2 Yr.
Pam McJunkin 1 Yr
Shirley Litman 1 Yr.
Terry Allen 1 Yr.

Music Committee
Ron Miller Chairman
Kathy Hayes V.Chairman
Annette Estep 1 Yr./Secretary
Dave Marr 1 Yr.
Jessica Delong 1 Yr.
Terry Allen 1 Yr.
Mary Mcnabb

Nominating Committee
Peggy Allen 1Yr./Chairman
Keith Poling 1Yr.

Benevolence Committee
Angi Griffith     Dave Griffith      Pastor Steve
Duane Rife     Jessie Fee
Maxine Mosley     Yvonne Justice


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